Saturday, October 5, 2013


  Parable was first used in Num. 23:7, and many other Scriptures in the Word of God. Christ Jesus employed Parables in the Gospels, beginning in Matt. 13:18, concerning the "Sower." The word Parable appears to be interchangeable with the word "allegory"[Gal. 4:24].
  A Parable is Not just a cute story, with two meanings. It represents Spirit Vs. flesh, or the world. One is required to have on their Spiritual headlights to see the meaning. In Hebrew, it is a sense of superiority in a mental sense; a metaphorical nature, a proverb.
  Christ, Immanuel, brought the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. One had to have a revelation by the Holy Spirit to realize exactly Who Christ is. He spoke in Parables because the Kingdom part was Not for everyone.
  The world leaders had gathered in Jerusalem and had taken over the religion of Moses; then converted through deception into the "Traditions of men." Christ talked around them and often over their head. The world leaders then, and now, continue to "seek after signs and wonders."
  The entire Gospel is about a King and His Domain on earth. Today, leaders often miss the meaning of Parables. A five year old can visualize what is being said, and believe; we too, must be a little ones when it comes to the Word. Parables are not for everyone-when we receive revelation, the lights come on, then we understand the simplicity of the teachings of Christ Jesus.

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  1. What is being taught in schools, religious schools, and churches, is the doctrine from the Traditions of men; it is traced back to the Tree of Knowledge of good, and evil. Satan knows both good and bad, but chose bad-He can Not change, or repent at this time. These victims can not understand the Gospel-so they make up their own.