Wednesday, October 2, 2013


  The great divide has hit the American shores. This divide did not happen over night, but took 100 years to get here. The Progressive area started in the early 1900s and went into over-drive in 1913. Many are dumb-founded and others simply point fingers at each other.
  Mankind is in time for a purpose; we are to choose which Father we will serve. Our walk is our worship. There has always been God-given choices. Two Trees in the Garden, etc...Elijah the Prophet ask the children of Israel[1Ki.18:21]"how long halt ye between two opinions?" The Lord[YHVH] requires a decision.
  The Lord has a way of turning up the heat; people can "halt" until the issues come down their street. The three Hebrew young men had to make a decision that cost them a trip to the fire; this is not a cute bed-time story. These three knew that Idol worship could cost them their souls.
  Daniel in the lion's den is another example for us to see that life or death decisions are before us. The Santa-Christ System is upon us. The world is a dead horse, that can Not be saved. The alternative is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Repent, for the Kingdom, is here.
  Polarize = cause division: to make differences between groups or ideas ever more clear-cut and extreme[Bing Dictionary]. As time gets shorter, the Polarization will increase. Dan.2 shows that we are near the end of the 5th. kingdom - the 6th one will only last 5 months.


  1. Dan.2:31 Legs of iron, feet part iron and part clay; which is fragile. The image of kingdoms are top-heavy. Iron = the machinery of the beast, and the Clay = God's Election will Not mix, resulting in a collapse. This is a "deadly wound" that will require the Fake-Christ to come and attempt to repair-his kingdom last but 5 months. Time is at hand. The Polarization will continue to get worse-by design.

  2. Politics and the Economy are two of the four "hidden dynasties" that will continuously get worse, around the world. People of the world do not realize that their leaders are "blind". The division requires a choice be made concerning our love/worship. The downward spiral sets the stage for the Santa-Christ to come and demonstrate some lame signs and goofy wonders; He will only rein for 5 months-then time ends.