Saturday, October 12, 2013


  When the Lord commanded mankind, not to touch the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, He meant it. The purpose of people being born into time, was for us, to decide Whom we would Love, Follow, and Worship. The Lord knows our minds, and also looking for actions.
  Revelation "unseals" a mark in the right hand and inside of the forehead; the truth is this has been the standard, all along. Part-time Christians think that their worship is judged, once a week; but it is actually judged 24/7. Our worship, is our WALK.
  The Enemy comes directly to leaders to solicit them for His camp; Adam and Eve, Moses, John the Baptist, and Christ Jesus: just to name a few. Behind the curtain, in the darkness Death has been given authority of the world-which is commanded by 4 dynasties/kingdoms. These are mention in several places in the Word; they are political, economics, education, and religion.
  Politics and Economics go hand in hand. Education and Religion are also hand in hand. Most incorrectly believe that the end-game objective is a One-World-Political-System. This is a part of the plan, but the ultimate is a One-World-Religious-System, with Satan incarnate, as the head.
  Under Common Core, the pledge of allegiance will return; this time one nation will be changed to United Nations, and God, to "Another Christ". Rev.13:3 we have the beast = a one-world-political-system, that all the world wonders after. Rev.13:4 And they worshipped the dragon[Satan]...From the Garden, through Revelation, it has always been about worship, for Satan; He uses Religion, to get there.


  1. The children, and followers of Cain, are Liberal/Progressives. They must remove all things concerning Christ Jesus, in order to bring in their own god. The Education, Politics, Economics, is all for their savior. The mark of the beast concerns thought, and love; the right hand is the work/walk. The work that Liberal Progressives do is not political-it is Religion. Through deception they are increasing numbers.

  2. The first Commandment ; "Do not touch the Tree of Knowledge."
    The first of the Ten Commandments; "You shall have no other gods, before Me."
    There is Life, and Freedom in following these Two Commands.

  3. The first, and great Commandment - "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind." All three times. There is absolutely no room for Idol worship: which is what politics is. Politics is the Devil's play-ground.