Sunday, October 27, 2013


  Santa-Christ is the Anti-Christ himself. He goes by many names from Lucifer, Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, the Devil, the Dragon, El-Satan, the Beast. Lucifer in Heaven was rebellious and evicted, with a death sentence. The Tree of Knowledge of the Garden was once again cursed with the sentence pending.
  Cain was fathered by the Tree of Knowledge and has the same character of his father-rebellious, with an insatiable appetite to be worshipped. This earth age is for mankind to decide, which God to love, worship, and serve. The Lord's yoke is simple, and easy; but Satan, Cain, and his kids, have shown how to by-pass the Lord's standard with their own wicked one.
  Satan is a slick-con-artist that we are to avoid. He has authority to test people. He is over the world; the end results are that the slimy "elements" will be burned up in time. Cain's children on the face of the earth today are givers-which seduces. They specialize in deception. there man-made economics, require recessions and depressions. They steal in plain sight.
  Central governments have become little gods. They create problems, and just happen to have the answers to. Christ means savior and that has become their rolls. the problems[labor pains] will increase, so the govt. takes over the roll of Constitutions, in exchange for their Cursing of Bondage.
  The one-world-political-system which is held together by credits and debts is in serious trouble- can only be repaired by the 2nd. Beast of Rev.13; which is Satan Himself. His fake miracles, fake peace and fake prosperity will be everything, for everybody, at the same time...


  1. Politicians during the Progressive age, are little Santa-Christ. They know how to give gifts from the treasury to the people. They promise all, to all. Politics has destroyed good leaders who stoop to the wicked level of spending and debt. It has gone on world-wide for approx. 100 yrs. and will end with a collapse-quite possibly of the United States[1 of the 7 heads in rev.13]. Time is growing nigh; Satan's reign will be for 5 months, then time will be over.

  2. There are many "generations" mentioned in the Word. The date of 1948 serves on for deception. The "House of Israel" is Not in the Middle East; It will not be reunited in this earth age. We are the Generation of the Fig tree because of the 4 hidden dynasties/kingdoms that are Now in place. The "key of David" is found in 1Chron.1,2.

  3. The Beast is a fake. The roll that Cain and his children play, is a fake. The gifts that their wicked system gives, are fake. The currency used to finance their system, is fake. Satan is a imposter. Cain is an imposter. The blind leaders are imposters, period.