Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Whom not to follow.

  Before time started, the Lord [YHVH] had a plan of salvation in place. The Lord knew that Adam in the flesh, was no match for the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil; that is why Adam was commanded not, to touch this Tree. The commandment of the Lord is still in effect in 2013.
  Adam and Eve were disobedient  and took part[both of them] in wickedness-in a "fig grove".
Their participation resulted in Eve giving birth to twins-Cain, and Able. Cain was fathered by the Tree of Knowledge, and Cain's descendants are of the "Tribe of Cain, or Kenites.
  The Tribe is on the earth in 2013; they have followers that are quite informed and just as many more that are misinformed. Jer.24 gives us "two bowls of figs", one being "vile". Christ explains that we are to judge, according to the "fruits". We are also to call it what it is-without making excuses.
  Isaiah 32:8 the Lord states "The vile person shall be No more called LIBERAL, nor the churl said to be bountiful". The Scripture further explains the m. o. of the Tree of Knowledge and His descendants. What does this look like? Look at those vile ones that have boar-hogged their way over politics and the economy = they are one, and the same.
  The vile people will continue to get worse as the time gets shorter-this is "labor pains" that leads up to the #1 Vile Person, appearing in the flesh[Dan.11:21] to fix the damage to the one-world system. He will come in "peaceably and prosperously; He speaks "flatteries"....Do Not follow those that promises everything, to everyone.


  1. Christ call them "blind leaders, of the blind". In the parable of the Wheat and the Tares, we are to identify, and leave them ALONE. Satan in the Garden, promised Eye opening revelations-but it was worldly, and closed their Spiritual eyes concerning Jehovah. Beware of the vile, no matter their names-look at the fruit that they bare; we can do nothing, with bad figs, period.

  2. Vile = worthless, reprobate, loathsome, wicked, dirty, cheap, be made low, low estate.
    Call them Liberal, Progressive, or any other cute name; they are Vile.

  3. Do not follow the Vile; they are Santa's little helpers, that will do His work until it is time for Santa-Christ Himself to appear. The Santa-Christ has 5 months to heal the damaged, one-world-political system.