Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Why Data-mine?

  The private sector has always attempted to know what people thought of their product, customer service, and to plan for the future. The grey are comes in when subliminal messages are sent, at specific times, and when the information is sold to others. This should be restricted to having a good product, good price, and good customer service.
  When governments data-mine, it is for bad to wicked reasons. It is wicked under Fascism, when the government and the private sector, works together for control over people. Dan.12:4 "knowledge shall be increased". This type of "knowledge" is wicked. All of the "smart gadgets" operate off, or were created from this "knowledge".
  This type of "knowledge" can be traced back to the Tree of Knowledge, of good and evil. It is connected to Idol worship, and control of people. It is also responsible for new books, including new bibles; for good reasons, the Lord writes in our minds, and the Holy Spirit speaks to our minds-and Satan knows it.
  Satan's children knows that it has the world. The Saints operate inside of the Kingdom of Heaven, on the earth. The wicked doesn't really care what the world thinks, but must attempt to Data-mine in order to know what the Saints are thinking. It must separate the Saints from the cants.
  The first beast of Rev.13 is a one-world-political-system. The glue that holds it together is fake money, and fake power. The federal agencies that are Not mention in Constitutions are living wild beast. Branches, not-pruned, will take power from other Branches. All of the recent [5 yrs.] information, collectively will cause the "deadly wound" in Rev.13. The Data-mining will prove to be self-destructive.


  1. Can Data-mining be stopped? Yes, and it will be. Information is power-in the world;
    Rom.1:28-32 describes some serious stuff. This is a description of the w-o-r-l-d, which will be burned when Christ Jesus returns. The Tree of Knowledge, of good, and evil = made a choice to be evil; and so has His children, Blind leaders, and greedy misinformed people.

  2. Under Fascism, the govt. controls the private sector through high taxes and regulations. Many private businesses report data to the govt. that separate people by information, I.E. tax dollars under-writing FLU Shots. The govt. is not concerned with how many get the shots, but rather Whom, is not getting the shots. These are "signs", and a repeat of bad history.

  3. In the beginning, countries operate out of Constitutions; eventually the light goes dim and the make up their own rules in darkness. Only the wicked eat their own. All of the Lord's don't do, is now acceptable. Then govt. become Idols. They stoop and snoop to maintain control and power. They must operate covertly to deceive people into believing that the people have a say, and a vote. these frustrated govt. are spinning towards collapse.