Friday, October 18, 2013

Worst than death !

  There are several types of death. One of the physical body, another of the soul. It is also the name of the Satan. Death is separation from our Creator; that is why Christ came in the flesh, to pay the death penalty, and re-connect God and mankind.
  Christ defeated Death[Satan] and took the sting of Death, away. Those that depart time in the flesh, should know where we are going. We operate on FAITH. But not all spirits have what we have. For some, their judgment has already been pronounced - they are dead spirits walking.
  Satan's sentence is that he will be totally destroyed; his ashes will float away along with his memory. For Satan, Fallen Angels, and the Children of Cain there is something worst than death for them; it is scattering, isolation, or being cut off = this is torment that they can Not handle.
  Cain refusal to comply with God's[YHVH] commands, got himself quickly banished from the presence of the Lord[ Gen.4:16]; Cain expresses fear and torment as a result of the Lord's disrespect. The Tower of Babel was a part of a wicked kingdom, headed by 'Nimrod'; who was at war with the Lord[YHVH]. This was a Communist system and Gen.11:4 mentions their fear.
  There are many other examples of demons and Cain's children being fearful of being Scattered or isolated; The demon possessed, request to enter pigs. When a persons cleans up, the spirit wanders, then returns with more spirits. The point? Wisdom; Satan, evil spirits "Kenites", and the uninformed Followers, have weaknesses.


  1. The Lord has given us power of demons; we must apply Wisdom and Meekness.

  2. Never forget Ephes.6-the whole Armor of - Christ; gear up daily. Spirits have weaknesses and we have God-given-authority. Application is the proof that we know what to do, and we get it done.