Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Beast !

  The Apostle John, in Revelation 13, saw a beast rise up, with seven [7] heads and ten horns. This vision is upon us right now. The sea represent the people. horns represent power; this includes the four hidden dynasties of Politics, Economics, Education, and Religion.
  The seven headed beast represent the one-world-political-system; we can check that one off. On the top of this group is the name of blasphemy-just in case people do not know, this is a wicked system. The power comes from Satan, who is the king of this world. A beast is a living breathing thing of people and machinery.
  This beast is made of "Iron, and Clay" from Daniel-but it will not mix and is fragile. It is also top heavy with the most wicked at the top. One of the 7 heads receives a critical injury, almost to death-Satan Himself will come to repair it. This damaged head, appears to be America.
  America is home to the U.N.. Guess which Nation contributes the most money to the U.N., W.B.O., I.M.F.,etc.. And which Nation has put the most Dictators in place over the past 70 yrs.? Who is spreading the most blasphemy around the world in the form of fake money?
  A Beast refers to the Nations present at the "Bretton Woods Agreement" that make up the "System". America would be the leader, and the fake dollar would be the reserve currency, of the world. The one head is in the process of being severely wounded; NSA, IRS State-health-care ETC. individually are damaging. But the fake dollar is near death, which ironically next July, 2014 will be "70" yrs. of this wicked "system."


  1. A beast [political] and one of seven that encompasses the earth. The Bretton Woods System was completed and signed by all 44 Allied Nations in 7/22/44; it is approaching 70 yrs. old which is quite significant. The world has felt fore-shocks since 2008, which are warning signs. The fake currency was the key to their fake power-which is now collapsing.

  2. The "deadly wound" is the result of cumulative don't do's. NSA, IRS, fake wars to protect fake currency, ETC. The fake currency is failing, and the people are awakening to the fact that they do not have a voice or a vote. The Keynesian Doctrine requires Fascism to operate-the awakening causes the damage to the one-world-political-system.

  3. Prov. 2:22 The wicked shall be cut off from the earth....
    Prov. 1030 The Righteous shall never be removed ......