Saturday, November 30, 2013

Him that lives?

  The complete question is: Why seek ye HIM that lives, among the dead? This is from Luke24:5. This question was to those seeking a dead Christ, after the crucifixion. Emotions had to be checked, and now the law of death is satisfied and the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, is to begin.
  Immanuel exposed all of the leaders during His time in the flesh - as Fakes; in His transition the temple system was destroyed. That was the building "being torn in two, from the top to the bottom". Those that visited the building after Christ could have been ask the same question that Christ's disciples were asked, What are you looking for?
  The same Two in white apparel ask the question in Acts 1:10,11: "Why stand ye gazing up into the heavens?" Many know that Idolatry [Idol worship] is a serious no/no but we seem to make exceptions for the bunny rabbit and Santa. Or buildings minus the Holy Spirit - aka churches. Satan is a dead spirit talking, because his judgment has already been pronounced; the same for the 7,000 angels that followed him from heaven, to earth.
  As we catch ourselves star-gazing, we must repent. The "wide gate leads to destruction". The most popular, the biggest, the most attractive - may also be "Blind", and headed for a ditch. The Holy Spirit didn't abandon anyone-just uninvited by those following their own gospel Vs. the Gospel of Christ Jesus. As individuals, we must answer the same questions in our lives; Why seek ye the living, among the dead??
  Him that Lives - is still Alive!!!

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  1. The churches are attempting to put a spiritual spin on the world, and it is not working. People are finding more things to worship, such as the weather, and leaders. Politics is a religion. What the world looks at being alive, is either Fake, or had Judgment pronounced on it already. "Seek ye the LORD, while He may be found".