Saturday, November 9, 2013

"The Beast" !

  The Beast of Revelation 13 is a one-world-religion-leader that is come to repair the damaged political system. He convinces that He is the Christ; with the wicked and the socialist-minded looking for "signs", this is Santa-Christ's season. This leader will pull all of the major religions into one-He speaks all of their languages and looks good.
  Christ Jesus was ask to show some "signs". The wicked kingdoms throughout the Word, have leaders surrounded by wise men, sorcerers, magicians, ETC. Today these specialist are centrally located, around central governments. They specialize in "signs".
  The political system is severely damaged from collapse after people awaken from their delusions and the "clay"[people] and the "iron"[fascism] doesn't work out. The Beast comes preforming miracles, cancelling debts, no more wars[dollar is dead] because all seven Continents are on the same page.
  Selfish, silly people are always seeking[signs] entertainment. This Fake will be unable to deceive God's Elect. The will awaken from their delusion, and realize that the Word of the Lord, and Constitutions that were Inspired by the Lord, is not being followed-this will cause "Non-Compliance".
  As "labor pains", trouble will increase in intensity, and decrease in time between events. We are on the edge. The miss-leaders will continue to get worse, but promise more in the form of "signs"; The Beast is the Fake-Christ "with all power, and signs, and lying wonders". All that He has to offer is connected to the flesh.


  1. Take heed, lest no man deceive you; the deception has increased since Immanuel. It jumped by leaps and bounds in 1913, with the Un-federal Reserves, and the I.R.S.. Then again in 1933, and 1944 with real money being confiscated, and replaced with fake currency. The Keynesian Doctrine that came out of Bretton Woods, is a System from Cain/Kenites. We are at the edge of worst.

  2. For the "bad figs", the one-world-political-system is what they were about all along; they are awaiting their king, which is the Fake-Christ to us. Our Lord and Savior trust us with trouble - Rejoice.

  3. Good luck to the world-it is doomed. The Grace-period is winding d o w n. Christ Jesus is standing by to receive those that are willing to submit to His Authority. Christ Jesus is in the business of Saving souls. Jesus Saves.

  4. The Beast of Rev.13 is in the spirit of Satan; aka the Anti-Christ, the Fake-One. This Santa-Christ will promise everything, to everybody.
    The Good-News = this system has 5 months, before it is totally destroyed. How long was that? 5 months.