Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"The Parable of the Fig Tree".

  Our LORD in three Gospels, mentions the Parable of the Fig Tree; In two of them, He said "Learn it". This is a commandment that we should keep. New teachers, with New Bibles can not teach this because it references what they consider, "Old". Parables are designed to prevent those that refuse to turn on their spiritual-headlights from understanding.
  The Parable goes back to Adam, Eve, and the Tree of Knowledge; their offense took place in a Fig-Grove,it produced Twins-with two different fathers. The first twin born was Cain.
Jer. 24 covers Two bowls of Figs-one good, and one bad.
  The Parable is also about timing, and appointments. 1948 is important because of "Gentiles trading Jerusalem under foot". We are admonished to look at the fruit, to determine if a tree is good or evil; observe the leaders of the 4 hidden dynasties of the world - this is their season.
  Centralized govt. has become idolatry. The Word has always been true in 1Sam. 8:4-20. Now collectively we have Rev.13:1. A 7-headed beast[1 political system], and upon its head blasphemy = which is Satan.
  The 2nd. beast of Rev.13 is the Satan himself which deceives the whole world as the Fake-Christ. His return is at the 6th. Trump, the True Christ returns at the 7th. Trump. Can remember? Go back to the twins: Cain was born FIRST. "Two in the bed, Two in the field, Two grinding at the wheel. One taken! Which one taken, the first [1st.] Satan comes to earth first.


  1. "Time of the Gentiles" is now[Luke21:24]. Gentile = not of the "House"; the Sons of Jacob - Genesis chap.29, and chap.30. Gen. 49 also, highlight Gen.49:8. May our Holy Spirit fill in the blanks for all seeking the TRUTH.

  2. Matt.24:3 the disciples ask Christ, 3 questions: when, thy coming, and the end??? The first answer - "Take heed that no man deceive you"[Col.2:8-18]. This line can be drawn between what is Real, and what is FAKE. The Fake stuff is controlled by Satan, and His Children.