Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Trying to love Two"

  This was a chorus line to a song from yester-year; "Trying to love Two, is not easy to do", which is saying a lot. But in 2013, here we are for many. The doctrine of Cain is quite prevalent in the world of Religion. We are witnessing followers of the Blind that are satisfied with their lack of intelligence.
  A generation of "stiff-necks" with the end results of them is a lack of peace, violence, and a whole bunch of their young-being buried before their parents; something is wrong with this picture. Mean-while these Infidels are comfy and believe that the man-made-dream, is their promise land.
  This group of double-minded unstable ones continue to make un-wise decisions and complain: They are scared of their own shadows. The Lord[YHVH] put the heat under Cain's britches and required him to chose-knowing that Cain was fathered by Satan, the Lord attempted to accept Cain. Cain followed in his fathers foot-steps and made a poor choice.
  The Word teaches that there is Not anything new under the sun. A time a season for everything. Seed time and Harvest. The Hebrews that were stiff-necks during Moses's time-wandered until they all died off. This is being repeated again. This group has fallen, and can't get out of there own way.
  This no-count generation calls good evil, and evil good. They protect, pray for, and are quite defensive of all of the wrong things. They have been successful at the wrong things. Trying to love two is more than just hard, or difficult to do - it is impossible to do.


  1. Mankind's purpose in time, is to chose our Father:
    The Tree of Life. Or the Tree of Knowledge.
    This is as simplistic as it can possibly get.

  2. example of "no-count": An attorney who is not saved because of unbelief, or disbelief, that blocks others from doing the "work" in saving souls. They burden the people down with mess, that they will Not lift a finger to help, or stop.

  3. Loving Two, is impossible. The Requirement of the Great Commandment is in play. The first of the 10 Commandments deals with idol worship. It is totally unacceptable, and a rejection of the Lord[YHVH]. This group spends the majority of their time following Satan, or talking about his system = Idolatry.