Thursday, December 5, 2013

_____ - Christian !

  There is no such ____ - Christians, never has been, never will be. People are either following the Gospel of Christ Jesus, or NOT. Whatsoever we fill in the blank space becomes an Idol, period. The - becomes a subtraction symbol, which means that Christ Jesus is not involved.
  This is diametrically opposed to a couple of very large Religious organizations[L.R.O.] that should not be mention by name; they are for revelation and a sign that prophecy is real. We are living in prophecy right now-that is why a prophet is unnecessary during this time.
  The L.R.O. are not even close to teaching the Gospel of Christ Jesus; they teach from 'New Bibles' and are very much complicit with the N.W.O. of Rev.13, and are setting the people up for serious trouble. There followers desire to be "harvested out of season" by the Fake-Christ, because that is what is being taught.
  "Many will come in my Name". Things quickly went south for Lucifer in the 1st. Heaven age, because of worship. It was about worship when He got involved with Adam and Eve. Cain got into trouble because of his version of worship was un-acceptable to our LORD. The temptation of Christ was about worship.
  Politics is of the Devil-it is Idolatry. It is the world's Religion. Remember that the Great Commandment: You should love the LORD your God, with all of your mind soul, and strength. And the 1st. of the Ten Commandments: You shall have no other gods before Me.
Politics = civil, civility, of the state.


  1. Satan in Matt.4:9 states "all these things [of the world] will I give thee, if thou will fall down and WORSHIP me". Satan did not get Christ Jesus, but many religions/religious ones have submitted. ___ - Christians are worshipping Satan, period.

  2. "Follow Me; I'll make you fishers of men".
    All of the Disciples became followers of Christ = Christians.
    We are Witnesses-the salt, and well lit for others to see.