Sunday, December 29, 2013

Duck Dynasty!

  Quite often, when the enemy attacks, the head is first. As the shepherd goes, so goes the family. This family[Robertson] has been around, and did not just fall out of a duck-blind. They know from whence the flaming darts come from. Why the attacks now?
  Our LORD created family: Satan hates family. The destruction on a nation, begins with the destruction of a family. The Duck Dynasty program has become quite popular, and so has the families influence with the average everyday person.
  Satan and his children, have a serious problem with people of influence quoting Part-One of the Bible. The "new books" that are Not printed by Believers, require Religion to be of the "Traditions of Men, which makes void the Word of the LORD."
  Non-Believers should know that Freedom of Speech matters. Believes know that we are to be Witnesses. The "Tares" follow their father's red-fingerprint of control - or destroy. That goes back to Cain and Able. They will and do use whatever method required to stop the Word from going fourth.
  We are warned of the Scorpion's sting, and the fiery darts. We must stay in constant communication with the Spirit of the LORD at all times. Gear-up daily with the "Whole Armor of Christ." When we have done all to stand, Stand therefore. Know that Ephesians 6:12 is underway.
  I Stand With


  1. Freedom of Speech - 1st Amendment = U.S.C.
    The Enemy, and his Children must silence the Word of the LORD, and replace with the "Traditions of Men."

  2. P.R. suspension was lifted; this is not over-the wicked are testing the parameter for holes. They are in the process of digging up everything, in an effort to discredit this gentleman.