Monday, December 23, 2013


  The wise men followed the g p s of their day, from the East, to Bethlehem, seeking the new-born-King. They came to worship[do homage], physically, mentally, and with substance. What lead the wise men was miraculous.
  There were shepherds, abiding in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night; The Angel of the LORD came upon them, and severely frightened them. God the Father gave information to the shepherds that they had to move on. They went, they saw, and became great witnesses that mankind's Saviour, was now on earth.
  The wise men from the East were important people, who had the means to travel distances. They had an audience with the king. They open their treasures, and presented unto Jesus Christ, gifts, gold, frankincense and myrrh. They were wise enough to be obedient to the Lord on their path into Jerusalem and their exit - out.
  Num.24:17 "There shall come a STAR out of Jacob; Star = Messiah. Rev.2:28 Christ is the Morning Star. GOD employed a Star - to direct key witnesses - to The STAR. The bright light that show from the sky had no points, but was the excellent guide, leading to a specific spot in Bethlehem.
  This bright light that shown from the sky, recognized it's Creator. All of nature knows and groins for order; Christ birth is a large step in the righteous direction. The little stars at Christmas are a symbol of the bright Star that should direct mankind to Christ - even after 2,046 years.

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  1. His Star is Not the star of Amos 5:26, or Acts 7:43 = star of Remphan, of the tabernacle of Moloch; confusing? Never, ever worship any star, or symbol - this would be Idolatry.