Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to Respond!

  Immanuel's journey to the Cross revealed much in the process. Beginning with John the Baptist, we, are Witnesses. Christ implemented His  Kingdom, on earth. He demonstrated how to handle conflicts and persecution. He identified the Fake one's and the Fake system that continues to this very day.
  Christ set Himself up, by allowing Judas to know that He would be in the Garden of Gethsemane during the night of the beginning of the Passover. Christ ask His disciples to sit, pray, and watch. There flesh became weak and heavy. There was demonic spirits present, and this was serious, spiritual war-fare.
  The accuser was scheming to commit murder-Christ could feel the heaviness; but those closest could not discern what was happening; there flesh gave up. Adam and Eve lost and allowed Death to control the world because of their week flesh: This was the same set-up, with Christ demonstrating how, to stay in the Spirit.
  When the mob that was lead by the Fake leaders came to arrest Christ, Peter started swinging his sword-because he was half asleep, and in the flesh. All of the disciples forsook Christ-and FLED. Later during the night when Peter was accused of being one of Christ's disciples, he begin to curse like the fisherman of old.
  How to Respond? The plan begins with paying very close attention, to every Word of Christ Jesus. God in the flesh "told them everything", but someone was not listening, or reverted back to the flesh. The temptation, fear, and spirit of murder, came from Satan-deal with it accordingly[Ephes.6]. During trails, stay tuned and focused on the Word, and the Holy Spirit.


  1. Matt.26:41 "Watch and Pray, that ye enter Not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak". The temptation was to pull them into the flesh-then pride, fear, etc. dominated, and that is what Satan controls.

  2. What is the relevancy? There is nothing new, under the sun; this situation will re-occur; Witnesses will be vessels for the Holy Spirit: it is imperative that we gear up daily with the whole armor of Christ-to stand.