Tuesday, December 17, 2013

" i am christ "

  This statement is a warning concerning deception; the warning comes from Christ Jesus, in reference to a time period. The questions were when shall these things be[Matt.24:3]? a sign of Thy coming? And the end of the world?
  First response: "Take heed [be careful] that no man deceive you. For many shall come in My name saying I Am Christ; and shall deceive many." I Am Christ should be lower case. What do these fakes look like? They are all around us, and many appear legitimate.
  They are on television and in pulpits  around the world. The air-waves are the most cost effective method to spread the manure. They dress and act the part - but when they speak, they speak the words of the "traditions of men".
  What does I Am Christ sound like? In a very pleasant voice "I'm a Christian".  They may have all of the Idols around to identify them as being single-handily being "called" personally by God. We are to be Witnesses of CHRIST. Our salt should be salty. Our light should point the way to CHRIST, and Not another man.


  1. The LORD states in Mal.3:8 that He is weary[tired] of calling evil, good. The fake Christians can Not discern between good or evil - neither can the world. The Santa-system is being taught by the indoctrinated church.

  2. The wicked anti-Christ-system is upon us. what are the "I am Christ " doing? They are either leading others to the system, or active, in the system. Silence, speaks volumes-either agreement, or ignorance.

  3. In the Name of Christ Jesus, I speak and stand against the wicked, Anti-Christ-system, and all of the deception involved; Amen.