Saturday, December 7, 2013

Where are the Prophets ?

  Where are the Prophets? They are Not needed at this time. Why? Because we are living in prophetic times. These are the times spoken of before. We must read the Word and listen to the Truth spoken to us by the Holy Spirit.
  Our Lord said many times that He would write His laws on our hearts-this is inside of our minds. He knew of a period where new books, and new bibles would be widespread, and deceive many. Then there is data-mining which is Satan's way of attempting to figure out what the Election[Saints] are thinking.
  Christ exposed all of the leaders as fakes for us; the religious, lawgivers, and judges = all fakes. These three groups were to be of the Tribe of Levi, and following the Mosaic laws. The new laws are not following their own Constitutions.
  Prophet - a spokesperson for our LORD. A fake one was to be dealt with in accordance to Deut.18:20-22. The Word is inside of our minds; We are to be Witnesses = the salt of the earth. The light. Inquiring people should be guided to Christ, and Not man. We are fishers of mankind for the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth.
  The Holy Spirit is on the earth, right now. He guides, direct, and brings things back to our remembrance. We also have the anointing [1Jn.2:27] that requires No man to teach us. Any man that claims to be a Prophet is 99.99% a false prophet, aka a fake.


  1. "My Sheep know my voice." We should all double-check our five senses. Our Shepherd gave us HIS Comforter; His Spirit teaches, guides, directs, and bring things back to our remembrance. We get it on the inside via the Spoken and written Word.

  2. Something to chew[meditate] on: Hebrews1:1-2, Prophets before, now by Christ Jesus.
    1Jn.2:27 But the anointing which you have received of HIM, abide in you, and ye need Not that Any man teach you.

  3. Matt.11:13 "For the prophets and the law PROPHESIED until John [The Baptist].

  4. John the Baptist, represented a "shift-change". He was the messenger - Matt.11:10. We are to messengers/witnesses.