Friday, December 20, 2013

Whose side?

  Singer Bill Withers had a song titled "Can We Pretend", back in the 1970s: the chorus-line repeated can we pretend? In life there are cycles that can not be ignored. Labor pains continue to increase in intensity, with an objective in mine.
  There is a premium penalty or reward for rejection, or acceptance of our LORD. Right now there is judgment on the land: We were warned of the bondage, violence, and double-taxes. Star worshippers can and do Pretend that Idolatry is a don't do. We can all Pretend that 1913 never happen - yet the UN-federal Reserves and the International Redistribution of wealth System continues today.
  We must acknowledge current events. The Anti-Christ-System is upon us. We must choose sides, and stop attempting to hold seances  to lure GOD to our side, Vs. getting on GOD's side. Joshua 5:13 shows our LORD geared-up for battle, when HE revealed Himself. Joshua questioned "Art thy for us, or our adversary??
  Joshua and Peter had this in common-both half cocked and ready to go. The spiritual side had to be developed. This Great I Am is the same One that talked with Moses from the burning bush; and identified Himself the same way. Both times Moses and Joshua found themselves standing on holy-ground.
  Though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal [2Cor.10:3-5]. Ephes.6:12 informs us, who, the players are. We must stay on our guard post and not  "fall into temptation" as the Disciples did in the Garden. When we choose Correctly, our mind-soul-spirit is manifested through our actions, and we are at peace: We become untouchables.


  1. Only a 'serf', or 'plantation-minded', would automatically believe that if one are Not with their faith, belief, or party, that one is on the other side - making them the enemy. Only the LORD has that right.

  2. Can we pretend that all economic depressions including the current one that the world is in, is Not man-made; That wars are fought over greed; That the "rule of law" is Not what man says. As we pretend - the labor pains increase.