Saturday, January 25, 2014

"Christ Crucified".

  Christ Jesus, Immanuel, volunteered to die on the Cross for mankind-once, for all time. This painful death sentence actually came into being in the Garden; authority, was transferred from Adam and Eve, to Satan: This is when a s-e-p-e-r-a-t-i-o-n occurred between our LORD, and man = death.
  Death, burial, and resurrection, regained authority, and bridged the gap between GOD and man. In the process of walking in the flesh, GOD exposed the Fake-leaders of that, and this time; "there in not anything new, under the sun." What has been, will be again-same players, different day.
  Starting with John the Baptist, we should all be Witnesses of and for Christ Jesus. We should teach "The Gospel of the Kingdom" of heaven, on earth. We should nor re-direct people to a 'man' that teaches man-made-stuff. Whatsoever the needs are, we should be able to meet them. We are the Light, and the Salt.
  Christ Crucified should remind us of the who, what, when, why, and how questions. Who crucified Christ????? The same Fake ones are present today. We are admonished, to be "as wise as the serpent, and as meek as a dove."
  Acts 2:23 wicked hands. Acts 2:35 Promoted. Rom.6:6 who was crucified with Christ. 1Corint.1:13 Christ Alone. 1Corint.1:28 Ignorant children. 1Corint.1:23 Why we preach Christ crucified.


  1. Christ Crucified: is GOD made. It is His costly plan, that He created, and paid the cost for. Denominations, and Politics, are man-made.

  2. 1Corinth. 1:23 This separates those that claim to be in a right-standing-relationship from those that actually, are. Following Christ is simple -too simple for those professing to be wise; and a stumbling block for those attempting to deceive others that Judaism is a part of Christianity. The Cross is the road-block of Unbelief.