Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Comply; Complicit !

  In the Garden, Adam and Eve, failed to take a stand. The purpose of mankind being born in the flesh, is for us to take a stand. In Elijah 18:21 we see that we are to choose, and take a stand. The worse test, is the one that we do not know is a test. "In this life, we will have trails[test] and tribulation[trouble]."
  Along life's journey, we are faced with TWO paths; a Straight gate[life], and a Wide gate[destruction]. It would be smooth travel if those in the Wide gate stayed inside of their lane-but they do not. Then add in the deception of those that appear to be walking  the Straight pathway, and are not.
  The Anti-Christ-System, is upon us. Dan.7:17 the "four beast" are four kingdoms of politics, economics, education, and religion. These will form the one-world-political-system, of Rev.13; with the end game being a one-world-religious-system, with Satan as the Fake-Christ.
  A stand means not participating in the worlds chaos. Our LORD in Ez. 13:1 instructs Ezekiel to prophecy, against the prophets. There sermons then, and today were of "peace" and prosperity. In New churches we see the 4 kings, or kingdoms; which to comply with the world is sin[Rom.12:2].
  Comply = act in accordance[conforms] to rules ETC.. Complicit = choosing to be involved in illegal, or questionable act with others. Both are wrong for Followers. When our LORD returns, let Him, find us working[Matt.24:45,46]. "Those that are not with Christ Jesus, is against Him[Matt.12:30]." 


  1. The 4 kings/kingdoms on the earth, right now. We are the "fig-tree-generation: The "bad-figs" have leadership over the 4 kingdoms. They represent the world, or chaos. The Followers of Christ should Not be involved in this system.

  2. Individuals, and churches, must "REPENT". We are either inside the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, or the world, which is run by Satan's children. These are the o n l y choices.

  3. Complicit is the private sector with Fascism/Dictatorships; especially large corps that have a global-agenda. Their objective is to control happy-slaves. Govt. around the world, have been the largest plantations, with the party to the crime being some of the private sector. See 1Sam.8-19, and Deut.28. Serfdom is real.