Tuesday, January 28, 2014


  Gen.1:26 Mankind was created in the image, and likeness of Elohim[Father,Son, and Holy Spirit]. Gen.1:28 GOD blessed them and said, "Be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth, and subdue it."
Gen.1:31 GOD saw everything that He had made, and  behold, it was good.
  The Apostle Paul employs the word Edification[edify] = conformation; building up; uplifting the body of Christ. This is a gauge or standard that we all should use when we are unsure of something. A major standard is the one that our heavenly Father has for us. We are each individual, and wonderfully made-down to our d n a and fingerprints: but with a purpose!
  Each of us has individual identity. Not sure of who you are? Start with identifying exactly, who Christ Jesus is. Having dominion and serving is  a part of our make-up. We are born from above - with Grace to accomplish our purpose.
  Numb.1:2,3 Take census/polls and find out how many 20 yrs. of age MALES, and upward, all that are able to go fourth to war. The war machine was employed to dis-possess the wicked, and for Defense. In the U.S.C. a standing Army is for Common Defense. The King James Bible allows for individual [self defense] and even an infidel would protect the family.
  Once Christ Jesus is chosen, we must be willing-workers. Our walk, is our worship. Stand for, and with Christ. "Those that are Not with ME, are against ME." Ephes. 6:10-Be strong in the LORD. 11- Put on the whole armor; to stand. 12-Who we are at war against. 1Cor.6:9-Effeminate is a type of Idolatry. This blog is dedicated to Twitter, and Google.


  1. Effeminate males are often soft, very selfish, helpless, requiring others fight for them. They constantly start fires, then move on. A "catamite" = a man, with female traits. This trait is an inherited characteristic: it manifest in actions, attitude, and behavior.

  2. The attitude, actions, and the behavior: A duck syndrome - consume what is in front of, and poop on what is in the rear. After breaking, destroying on using a person or item, shrugs and states "oh well" then keeps on moving. This spirit can be traced back to El-Satan: this is a part of his Knowledge from the Garden. He knows that double-mindedness is instability, and unacceptable, to "stand."

  3. Hopefully this blog will shine the light on at least one of the monitors of this ...., Twitter, and Google and redirect one from the enemy's came to the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth. I bless the WORD.