Thursday, January 30, 2014


  Christ states in John 10:11-13, "I AM [Jehovah] the good Shepherd: the good Shepherd gives [gave] His life for the sheep." This is a standard between shepherds and Hirelings, that is serious and clearly observed.
  Hirelings are motivated by money and power. They are hired, at menial or unpleasant task. In case of an emergency, they run. In D.C. the Centralized planners, have a plan-to run. Their Public Oaths matter not to them; they are on assignment. Their assignment was to destroy a Republic Form of govt.; which was done by putting Hirelings in positions of leadership.
  In America, We have the WORD, the Declaration of Independence, and the U.S.C.. We must walk it out. Do not expect the enemy, to do Our job. The enemy will not Protect and Defend what is Righteous - that is an oxymoron.
  We must stop praying for the Hirelings to do Right; that is "casting pearls before swine." The Hirelings appear constipated, because they are: they operate a Plantation in darkness - then pretend in public that it is a free Country.
  The wolf is coming! The Hireling flee in the future as they always have. They "flee because, they are Hirelings and care not for the sheep." John 8:33 was a true statement; bondage is never the intent of Hirelings; yet they fail to realize that they are servants of money, or power.


  1. " Whosoever commit sin, is a servant of sin" [Jn.8:34]. Hirelings always have escape tunnels for themselves. In and around the "big-house" around the world, there is a plan of man-made salvation: just as with the Tower of Babel.

  2. Hirelings take a symbolic Oath in public, and another one in the dark. This includes attorneys: hum, maybe that has something to do with the majority of Presidents, and the majority of Congress ...

  3. We the People must Repent: then let the Hirelings off the hook. Servants, minus politics, and religion-both of which, belongs to the State, and not, We the People.
    Religion[Greek] to return to bondage. Politics[Greek] civil, civility, of the State.