Sunday, January 5, 2014

Order !

  There has been an increase over the years of fear; recently people mention fear of something everyday. Some are being tormented by fear, even of their own shadow. Fear has a job to do and should be acknowledged and processed. We should not be consumed by fear.
  The world is becoming more Chaotic everyday-even the Nonbeliever  can feel it: but it is the religious ones that are losing it. They are being baby-fed by Daystar[Satan's name] and Fake leaders with New-bibles. The people are taught the Traditions of Men, and forfeit GOD's promises.
  The Royal Priesthood is on the earth - right now* 1Peter2:9. "Peace, I leave with you" Jn.14:27. Come out from among them 2Cor. 6:17. Prosper and be in good health 3Jn.1:2
  Rom.12:2* explain where the Kingdom of Heaven - on earth is. Fake leaders, and Star worshippers can't touch the Kingdom, because it goes against Satan's plan. We are to take a STAND right here, and not become flight attendants. Conflict, and  confusion, leads to fear: in this situation is dangerous.
  The progressive agenda begin in the Garden, with the end-objective of the Fake-Christ as religious leader of the world [Rev.13]. We must speak Order into our own lives. Is.54:14 "establish ourselves on Righteousness, to keep oppression, fear, and terror away from us.
Stay "salty" my friends.


  1. The followers of the wicked, are in a state of mourning. Fear is taking its toll. The odor of fear is speaking volumes. Blame and complain is losing the impact, because people are beginning to add, and subtract.

  2. Declare ORDER over your own lives; verbally speak it out !

  3. Invoke PEACE: the world can not have peace, only the righteous can. This light will shine-we are also to add flavor[salt] for and to the earth.