Friday, January 10, 2014

Some Differenc!

  The Lord made us all - different for good reasons. Most of mankind are of the 6th. Day "creation"[Gen1:27]; but The Man Adam came many years later and was "formed" from the dust of the ground [Gen.2:7]. The first group were hunter/gatherers and the second one was a farmer.
  Our LORD creates and makes with a good purpose in mind. Satan attempts to capitalize on our God-given-differences, by highlighting them as mistakes-that He[Satan] needs to correct. Adam and Eve had all the info that was needed to have a Right-standing relationship with GOD: Satan seized upon what they didn't know-appealing to greed; and it worked.
  We are made in GOD's image, with the Breath of Life inside of us. "It is good". To listen to anything or anyone else, is idol worship. The wicked doctrine is to find, and exploit differences, then blame GOD or someone for the shortcoming of life. Everyone has a 'rights' organization to help with this doctrine.
  Who/Whom is playing GOD? Those that push the doctrine of Satan. "You were born __ and have a 'right' to be __, and all must respect it." This is the doctrine that Apostle Paul writes of in Rom.1 as un-natural, un-lawful, and in-convenient.
  We should acknowledge our differences - then be Thankful. GOD is the Potter, and we are the clay, and should not get that twisted. Our Lord did not make anyone a __. Repentance or asking forgiveness would be in order here, for anyone that feels short-changed or harassed by the world.


  1. Before knowing any better, my belief was that God had a sense of humor in making me with big ears, dark complexion, and knock-knees; Today, I am THANKFUL.

  2. We all are different by design; our d. n. a. and fingerprints just to name two. We are all connected by the same Breath of Life.