Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Soul Hunters"

  The Word explains Nimrod as a mighty hunter before the LORD. He was not the only one that was totally rebellious against our LORD; and against what they knew was wrong. Many more, have attempted to be GOD: it has historically failed-and will continue to fail.
  Ezekiel 13 GOD instructs the prophets to be prophesied too; 13:18 is against those that block the outstretched hands of a Loving God, and teach the people to fly away to save their souls; these verses actually state "hunt souls."
  In modern times we have several countries that practice Soul Hunting; lets look at the U.S. A. Lincoln and the "war between the states" it destroyed slavery, but made Serfs of America. F.D.R. and the "Great Society" was hunting liberal whites. L.B.J. and the "War on Poverty" was hunting blacks. B.H.O. and A.H.C.A. is hunting Hispanics.
  The govt. takes on the likeness of Santa-Christ; this will be the platform of the Fake-Christ-more gifts from chaos. The above listed leaders have pulled off some of the greatest con-jobs in history. These hunters, through deception, are after fresh replacements for Satan's Ponzi to keep the schemes going.
  Soul Hunters are dangerous, and scheme in the dark, their deeds are always manifested in plain sight. This foolish, dark-hearted, ungrateful group are worthy of Just rewards. We should know when we are the prey item, and being hunted.


  1. Matt.10:28 WHOM to respect. The same One that created our temples, is the same ONE that can destroy it. Satan is a super-gnat: He can not hurt us-but He can make us hurt ourselves, swinging at Him. Do not follow dead spirits, period.

  2. Soul = the inner being of mankind. This spot is reserved for our LORD - only. This temple, one of the "many mansions" is the Tabernacle. This is where the "soul hunters" are attempting to get too - don't let them.

  3. "All souls are MINE; the soul that sins, it shall die." Ezekiel 18:20 context - sin is individual, and responsibility is individual. The chaos attempts to make all responsible, for everything.