Friday, February 21, 2014

A Eye for an Eye!

  Judgment can be good or bad. When we attempt to live righteous lives, we are rewarded accordingly. There are many Blessing connected to obedience. The Mosaic [Laws given to Moses] laws are in effect with our LORD and His followers-only the Dead-Spirit-walking is brutish enough to cross GOD.
  Exodus 21 is very specific concerning crimes and punishment. The Ten Commandments are also in effect: The first 5 are what is required to be in a Right-standing-relationship with the Creator of Heaven and Earth[cosmos]. The second 5 are what is required of us to be in a Right-standing-relationship with our fellow mankind.
  Inside the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, Christ took Rules to a higher level - under GRACE. Remember Jn.1:17? And Matt.5:17! In the middle is our attitude[Matt.5]. We should not be surprised that the world[Chaos] marches to a different drummer, because, it does. We are physically here, but not to participate in Confusion.
  Under GRACE, entertaining sin-is a sin. CHRIST can judge the mind. The Beast-system is a lie. Our "windows  to our souls is our eyes.The light of the body is our eyes Keep our eyes focused on the big LIGHT, and our entire body shall be full of LIGHT[Matt.6:22]."
  Judgment is on the land. We are to not participate in the chaos/confusion, but must take a stand for righteousness. Our doctrine, is Christ's Doctrine. Rom.12: Do Not conform to this world[man-made-chaos], but be ye transformed, by the renewing of our minds.


  1. We must be "Watchmen and Women for our LORD. We must be able to discern the times and seasons. We have Ephes.6 and are not second-class citizen, wasting air. We are the Salt, and the Light for a sick, dark world.

  2. Rev.13, one-world-political-system is upon us. The large corps./companies have submitted to the man-made, made up word called Democracy! The Cain doctrine requires control or death to those that object. It is not a conspiracy-because it is being applied. It is personal when someone requires me and my family to be Serfs to the wicked....

  3. I rebuke the spirit of deception, serfdom, and poverty: An Eye for an Eye! Let the traps set for me and my family be filled by the Enemy and his family; in the Name of Christ Jesus, Amen.