Tuesday, February 25, 2014


  The word Democracy is a tuff one to define. It's definition is on the move[Progressive], and the creators of it are happy with the ambiguity that surrounds it. Democracy - is Not in the U.S.C. anywhere; but finds its way into the hearts by way of indoctrination via state schools, and state media.
   Democracy, is thought to mean "People Rule": That would be the edge of Anarchy. The Rule part is correct. Those, especially leaders, that employ this word believe/support a specific form of Government. That is what the word "Crat" means: French - Crate, Greek - Krates = RULER. The Ruler is the Government, which lines up with Rev.13.
  The One-World-Political-System is the 1st. Beast; and it's name will be DEMOCRACY. The West and parts of Europe is in the process of being "leveled out" or brought down to the worlds standard. America is to be on par with Russia.
  The objective of Cain's children is the return of their god which is the 2nd. Beast of Rev.13: He is the Fake-Christ that many deceived folks will worship. The "Mark of the Beast" is already present on the face of the earth.
  The Bill of Rights [which are Amendments to the U.S.C.] Amendment 1, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..." The Dictatorship just swallowed that one up whole, in the A.C.A.. The state has become the "Establishment of Religion."


  1. Under Democracy, the USC is by-passed. People are to be able to "petition the Government for redress of grievances". This has been exchanged for Corp/Lobby. The X Amendment was eaten during the Attack by the Fed. Government, aka Civil action 1861-1865. Democracy is a Progressive movement that is a System.

  2. One has to ask what is behind the gay movement in sports, and forcing private businesses to violate their own "freedom of religion" and "free speech"? Democracy is Anti-People, and is operated by the Fig Tree Generation - which are Bad Figs: Refer to the times, and seasons for these are serious "labor pains."