Monday, February 3, 2014


  Dr. Carter G. Woodson is credited with being the founder of Black History Week, in 1926. He chose February in honor of the 13th Amendment, which was signed in January, but most did not know of the signing until February. He selected the second week, in honor of Fredrick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. His objective was to highlight wonderful contributions of people of color to America.
  Dr. Woodson was born during 'Reconstruction', and witnessed the birth of the Progressive Movement. This movement eventually took over the History week, and made it into a month-long event, and highlighting history with bad intentions.
  History doesn't lie-people do. When the commercialized history month comes along today; we may see images of Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglass, and Booker T. Washington, but most do not know these great people. That is because their beliefs that they put their lives on the line for, do not line up with victims.
  History belongs to no man: History belongs to all. History has a great deal to offer, and Wisdom says that we should sit up straight, with sharpen pencils, and pay attention. History show us the Canary in the mine. The pieces or players can be changed, but the end will be the same-unless we change something.
  His-Story should not ever be changed: but the same Tares are constantly attempting to re-write His-Story, and all others, to deceive people. Over time, many ethnicity's have been enslaved; We can all learn from it. The Four little Horns, or kingdoms; political, economics, religion, and education are all in play right now.


  1. Dr. Woodson's book, "The Mis-Education of the Negro" should be a must read for all. The same tactics employed on one-will eventually be employed against the masses.

  2. Another must read, for adults only, is "The Willy Lynch Letters". This shows the process of indoctrination-that is being applied world-wide over the past 100 years. Print a copy while available.