Friday, February 7, 2014

Judas !

  Most know that Judas betrayed Christ to the world. We must all be reminded that Christ Jesus hand-picked Judas for his assignment. Judas in many ways was  like Peter; Over-zealous. They attempted to reduce GOD down to fit into their immediate crisis at hand. When the flesh detector determines that GOD is not conforming, they quickly move on.
  Judas appeared to have displayed a soft spot for money. He was a stern treasurer, and kept the moneybox. He admonish others for wasting expensive perfume that was used on the Creator of the Universe, that could have been instead sold, and money used for the ministry.
  Mary anointed and loved on Christ-which is the reason we are all born into time to begin with.
Judas demonstrates greed and a lack of wisdom-another example, for us. Judas was a party to murder, all for pieces of silver. When he came to himself, he repented, and returned the silver. To be kept quiet, he too was murdered.
  Many lessons to be learned from Judas - leaders should sit up straight, and pay close attention. When we awaken[Ephes.5:14] and realize that we have sold Christ out to the world for things, we too should repent. Don't get ahead of GOD.
  Many churches today should consider changing their names to: "The Church, of Judas." Confusion, babel, and chaos is man-made. Ephes.5:15,16 - See that you walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise. REDEEMING the TIME, because the days are evil.

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  1. Judas Iscariot should not be judged, but rather studied as an example for others to live and learn from. "Redeeming the time" is making time good by being exact, accurate, and being diligent. The Holy Spirit is speaking to those that are listening, and moving. Stop wasting time at the cemetery on Sundays.