Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"No New Thing".

  Ecclesiastes 1:9 is true; life goes in circles. This is History month, and yesterday[Feb.17th.] was Presidents day: This blog will be about Lincoln-high-lighting the fact, that We have been here, before. 99% of what was taught about Lincoln was a lie; when a current leader states that Lincoln, was His hero-We should sit up straight, with sharp pencils.
  Lincoln believed in the U.S. Constitution, before becoming President. After becoming President, He violated just about all of it. The U.S.C. limits the Federal Gov. and gives the power to the States, and the People. A Republic form[Article 4, Sect.4] of Gov. for the Federal as well as any State coming in. States that formally denounce their positions-should have been allowed to leave.
  A legal war, must be declared by Congress[Article 1,Sect.8]: Lincoln without approval, single-handedly declared war, resulting in the loss of life of 600,0000 people. He suspended Habeas Corpus[Article 1, Sect.9] in 1861 and arrested those thought to be dangerous. Lincoln made it perfectly clear, "the war had nothing to do with slavery": We should have listen to Him.
  The "war was to keep the Union together". Union = the Federal Gov.. The war was between two Dictators. Acting under illegal War Powers Act, the Emancipation Proclamation, under Executive Orders-that ONLY freed slaves from 10 rebellious states. Article 1, Section 1, "ALL Legislative Powers is vested in the Congress".
  Lincoln broke all of the Rules, and had Reconstruction of the rebellious States in mind when He was killed. Lincoln, Wilson, and Roosevelt  administration have rounded up Americans and violated the U.S.C... And now it has been happening again. The Executive Branch was to be implementer and enforcer of the laws passed by Congress. Eccl. 1:9 all over again.


  1. People refer to themselves as Conservative, based on the Word of GOD, or Constitutions that are Spiritually inspired. Many have been miss-taught that Lincoln was a great President; but He doesn't fit within the Word, or the U.S.C.. The moral of the story-Lincoln part 2 is alive and kicking-protect yourself: Accept the "love of the Truth, and reject the lie".

  2. The fact is that America has operated under a Dictatorship since 1860s. The Federal government has controlled the private sector via Regulations, or high/double-Taxes. 1Sam.8:4-20 is in play = Many Federal employees, double-tax, private military.

  3. The President shall be the Commander in Chief, of the military[Article 2.Section2].
    Article 1, Section 8. Congress has the Power to raise money for "Common Defense" of the United States. Employing the military to attack citizen, or to operate in 150 nations abroad, is Not, Common Defense.