Saturday, February 15, 2014

"Peace & Safety"

  We were admonished to watch for specific events, during a certain time. First warning in Matt.24:4 ; "Take heed, lest no man deceive you." The world[chaos] is full of Nimrods that "reject the love of the Truth" and rather push a lie. The intensity of the trouble will increase, as the time between trouble decreases. During the trouble, the Pseudo-leaders will push Peace and Safety as the answer-as they reject, the only ANSWER.
  Safety-security, securely. Peace-the absence of violence, or war. Matt.24:5 "Many will come in My name saying, I am Christ". Listen to me, for I be a Christian: there sermon? Feel good sermons, that are diversions of what actually is taking place.
  Matt.24:6 "And when you shall hear of wars, and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for these things, must come to pass-but the end is not yet". We must understand that this is GOD speaking. Politics, nor Religion can change this truth: it is going to happen.
  Judgment is on the world[chaos], and people have another choice-only one choice: it is the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, right now. Psalms 12:5 lacks GODLY council. The wicked are preparing and planning for the coming collapse-it is man-made: Their plan - omits GOD!
  1Thes.5:3 For when they [Pseudo-Leaders] shall say, "Peace and Safety", then sudden destruction come upon them.
Useful idiots have a short-shelf-life. We know their sermonettes, don't follow them. The world is in serious deep do-do; no man, can save it, period.


  1. Root causes = the Tree of Knowledge, of Good and Evil: and Weak flesh. We were created to Worship. Our Worship is our WALK.
    1Sam.8-19 shows us becoming fat and lazy; we require someone else to be king-fight for us, and tell us what to do. The cycles of indoctrination eventually collapses under it's own weight.

  2. A glimpse of what 1Sam.8 looks like? Centralized government! This is a "Rejection of our LORD", and can not stand. The Prophet Samuel said that this "request was wicked". It continues to be wicked, today.