Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tithing !!!

  Our Enemy is pretty slick; With Him, it has always been about worship. When Christ stated, "Take heed, lest no man deceive you", it is a stern warning concerning man, and deception. To follow the wicked down the wicked dark trail-uncovers idol-worship, in the form of Tithing.
  Anytime Satan, or his Children, can get in between GOD, and man, they become the Idol. The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, is an Idol. The Word is very clear that Idol worship is forbidden. The Enemy and his followers, miss-teach[education] the Tithing doctrine, and they receive the benefit: Not GOD or His people.
  The LORD taught Cain and Able how to present their offering[Gen.4:3]; Cain a farmer presented the fruit of the ground. Abel, a shepherd, presented the firstling of his flock and the fat thereof. Cain's offering was rejected. Abel's was accepted. The difference? Tithe/offering off the INCREASE.
  Our Enemy loves Socialism and Communism because it shuts down the "increase". The Cain's doctrine as taught and practiced, is of no benefit to the people. What people? Deut.14:22, Deut.26:12 the annual increase was to be eaten - by the Priest, the Stranger, the Fatherless, and the Widow within thy gates, and be filled.
  Education is mention earlier, because it is one of the 4 hidden dynasties: Political, Economics, Education, and Religion. These kingdoms, the leaders that follow them, or their Children, are out to steal your worship-don't let them. Gear-up daily, with the Whole Armor..." GOD has a reason and a purpose for everything. Obedience is better than Sacrifice.


  1. Prov.3:9 Honor the LORD with thy substance, and with the "first-fruits" of all thy[thine] "increase". The wicked part of Dictatorships/Centralized govt. is no increase.

  2. Tithing = Lev.27:30,32. Num18:26. Deut.12:17. Deut.14:22,23. Deut.14:28. 2Chron.31:5,6. Neh.10:38. Neh.13:12. *Matt.23:23. *Luke 11:42.
    *Christ exposed the leaders as Fakes; They practiced Idolatry - the same as practiced, today, concerning tithing.

  3. "Tithing unto the LORD"? Write a check, then look at just who cashes it! The check is often deposited into the same bank that financed the building or with the Tares that produce deception; even up to the religious t. v. programs. Follow the money, and find the Idol.