Friday, February 28, 2014

Why such Passion?

  Tuesday, 2/25/14 B.H.O. speaking at the National Organizing Summit in Washington, D.C. stated to his young supporters: "The work you are doing is God's work." He also urged them to help him raise the minimum wage and boost enrollment in his Health Care Reform Law. This information came from an article in the Washington Examiner.
  The statement "God's work" is not political: It is classified as Religious, or Religion. Remember the 4 hidden dynasties/little horns/kings/kingdoms spoken of in at least three places in the Word of GOD! In Rev.13 we see the main objective - One-World-Political-System that is severely damaged, requiring the Fake-Christ to come and Resurrect it with promises of "peace and prosperity" for all.
  Whenever the Word of our LORD is intentionally taken out of context - to deceive others, is a Cult by definition. The "state"[little g] has businesses and the churches submitting to it's authority via the IRS[501c3] and now has double-back for the citizen, through Health Care. Nationalized Health Care would complete the iniquity of violating the 1st. of the Ten Commandments.
  Christ makes it clear what our work on earth is; beginning with the choice of our Father: Then worship by working for Him. Spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth. Feeding and water[physical and Spiritual] the people. Clothing. Loving our Neighbors, etc.. Our LORD doesn't need help, rounding people up to be Serfs.
  Our Founders covered the First, of the First Amendments concerning freedom of Religion, because they had seen first hand how peoples Faiths were subordinate to the State. The passion is there because the Global plan is within reach. Matt.24:5 "Many will come in My name, saying I-AM-CHRIST." Watchmen and Watchwomen should know what time this is.

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