Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Dry Bones" X.X.

  Ez. 37:1-14 We read of the great Prophet Ezekiel, and a vision shown to him by the LORD. In the vision, he was taken and sat down in the midst of the, which was full of bones. GOD explains the vision; the dry bones represent the "whole House of Israel", and they will live again.
  My interpretation is that we are living and working for the LORD, or the world. Those of the world are Dry Bones. The valley is a is an isolated dry place - which would be a gathering place for the fakes that are deceived into believing that they are serving Jehovah[YHVH], when actually they are serving Death.
  Mortuary Science = the study of deceased bodies. Mortuary comes from the word Morgue = it is used for the storage of human corpses; a place where bodies are kept temporarily.
  The modern day "valley" has services a couple of times per week, and never stop to look up at the Vultures circling overhead. Matt.24:28 speaks of a time down the road, of locating bodies. These bodies are cleaned up by vultures; a result of the deceived ones that follow the Fake-Christ.
  Cemetery-schools, produce Cemetery-leaders that specialize in keeping their valleys intact, via Psychology. The products, are in a chronic state of mourning because of Idolatry. Christ's blood is precious-the bunny, not so much.


  1. GOD ask those seeking the body of Jesus; "Why seek the living among the dead?"
    Matt.8:22 "Leave the dead, to bury their dead."
    We are either alive in Christ Jesus, or spiritually dead; there is no grey area.
    Christ will breath His Spirit into the Dry Bones-and they shall again live.

  2. The "House" is scattered around the world. The "four winds" represent the End of this earth age[2nd.]. Many will be saved and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, before the return of Christ. Those that knowingly reject Christ now, because they are awaiting their king/savior[Rev.13] are in serious trouble!

  3. Our LORD never intended for His children to live with the dead, diseases, or demons: We are to revive, or bury. Heal. And rebuke demons. The gathering place for all of the above-just makes them feel better and assist in toleration.