Monday, March 31, 2014

How to defeat the world System!

  The "sorrow" of the world will intensify, and become quite painful for those that are not grounded on the Rock-it is designed, that way. Individuals tolerance for pain, varies: we all have a breaking point-all of us do. The fires of life were designed to be hot, but for good reasons.
  Satan is the king of the world: He was correctly speaking when saying that He has the authority, and can give it to whom-ever He pleases. The problem is that many find it difficult in discerning the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth[Cosmos] - from the world[Chaos].
  How does one beat the world-system? Do not participate in it, period. Rom.12:2 is a mouthful that should be applied. We know what usury is. We should know about the 'fractional-reserve-banking- system'. Get rid of the middle-man that is involved in financial transactions.
  Turn off and shut down all politics. State-schools are indoctrinating or destroying our youth. This is a good time to consider Home-schooling. Stop giving away personal info to private organization that have a Global-agenda.
  We must decide to stand for Christ Jesus, and do His work; His work alone. Be a great Witness for our LORD, in our minds, confession, and work. The fires are getting hot for the world-We can and must help.


  1. Stay clear of Cain, and his children, the Kenites. This system finances the one-world-system of Rev. 13. It was designed to be confusing, and steal from people in plain view. We are admonished, to " leave the Tares alone ".

  2. Crypto = cipher, message authentication codes.
    Crypto-Currency is a digital medium of exchange.
    It is difficult for the Monopoly Men to counterfeit.

  3. The Ten Commandments are Pro-GOD, and Pro-People.
    The Ten Commandments, are Anti-World!