Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Its the System".

  Conservative and Politics should not be used in the same sentence, or hyphened. Conservative and Politics, are an oxymoron. Christ Jesus in Matt.24 stated "Take heed, lest no man, deceive you." Where is the deception? Just look around!
  C.P.A.C. just finished up their conferences recently; The "P" in the acronym stands for Political. Let us not be fooled, for Political comes from a Greek word that means: Civil, Civility, of the State. One has to become a part of the State to be involved in this System.
  Our first President was Not involved in a Party - and actually spoke out against the System; He admonished followers to steer clear of it. Politics is a scheme of the State, to deceive the People into believing that they actually have a say-in reality, We the People do not have a say.
  If We the People had a say, 50,000000 babies would be alive, just in America. The Black-robes would be told what is legal, Vs. them telling Us. Regular Citizen could serve in the Republic form of Govt. the way it was intended. Individuals could "Petition the Govt. with Redress of Grievances".
  Its the System! What System? The one warned of in 1 Sam.8:4-19: The System that has "rejected our LORD". In place of deception, or ignorance, We the People must Repent. Stop with the hope of Fake-leaders and a System that can Not Save.


  1. Several years ago, I ask my U.S. Sen. Chambliss how We could stop taxes from funding abortions? His written response was He always voted Pro-life: my response-that is not what was asked.
    Its the System!

  2. During the O' care debate, I took a letter to U.S. Congressman Scott's office, and ask the office attendant to insure that it was delivered. The attendant ask, and I answered-the letter was why, He should Not support the beast. We almost got into a fist-fight before I could leave. So much for Petitioning for Grievances and Redress. Its the System!