Friday, March 21, 2014

Mo-No-po-ly !

  Monopoly comes from a Greek word: When a specific person or enterprise is the only supplier of a particular commodity. Monopolies are thus characterized by a "lack of economic competition", to produce the goods or services.
  This practice can be traced back to the Garden. Then forward from there to Cain, who was rejected because of worship; destroyed Abel, his half-brother. This is the Cain's Doctrine.
  The Cain's Doctrine is control, or destroy! This is what a Monopoly is. This went into full bloom with Governments, and Churches. We see the clear application of this in the earthly ministry of Christ. When the Wicked-Children could not control Immanuel, they had to destroy HIM.
  The one thing in common that the Money-Cartel, State-Health-Care, and Politics, have = Monopoly. The We the People have been replaced by complicit corporations. The small government that was once accountable to GOD, now takes its marching orders from small private groups.
  Monopolies are a BEAST[Rev.13], but will not last. Our Creator allows them after the people "Rejected HIM", to test people. No man can serve TWO; we either love one, and hate the other, period. Only with our LORD's wisdom and knowledge can people prosper during these times.


  1. Politics and Democracy are one in the same; they are a Monopoly, with a private army that will not hesitate to attack its own citizens. Voting is a sham because the competition has been provided/chosen. Dictators are Dictators, period.

  2. B. Rothschild said, give him control of a nations money, and he cared not who wrote the laws. Centralized govt. is a Monopoly. The fake-money is employed because it is Cains-system, aka Keynesian Economics'- that finances the Monopoly: It is a scheme, sham, and 100% deception.