Friday, March 7, 2014

" A Right "

  In the Garden, Adam and Eve had access and a right to the Tree of Life; until death separated them, which was a result of their disobedience. Immanuel came in the form of Jesus the Christ, to restore the connection between GOD and mankind. The Restoration - is the Cross of Christ.
  Christ taught that all would have access to the Tree of Life-who-so-ever-will, let them come. Rev.22:14 "a Right to the Tree of Life. The other Right that we have is the U.S.C. which is inspired from GOD. We the People choose Justice, Tranquility, and the Blessings of Liberty: Our Rights-come from our LORD.
  Today Fake-leaders serve the government, Vs. We the People. Democracy, nor Politics is Not in the U.S.C. because they are Anti-People. The U.S. Constitution "grants ALL legislative power, and the finances of America to Congress. Today the Executive Vine makes laws and spends money-lots of money.
  After over 150 yrs. of indoctrination, the government has become Santa-Christ. There is one Party = called the Government Party. They would have us believe that our Rights are to do the will of the government: this is one large plantation that is crossing over into a Beast.
  The LORD knows our thoughts. Data-mining will speed the process up so quickly that people will be deceived into believing that the system knows our thoughts too. The indoctrinated compliant ones are not a threat; only our LORD's Elect are. Ephes.6 is specific, and Rom.12:2 is shouting instructions. Our Rights come from Above.


  1. Politicians are required for an Anti-Christ, Anti-People System !

  2. Democracy is a part of the Global government. It can Not be "fixed". It is a transitional govt. on its way to a kingdom. It is a steep price to pay for the "Rejection of our LORD". The times are perilous for the world-renew the time.