Monday, March 17, 2014

The Cross of Christ!

  The Cross of Christ Jesus-the most powerful filter in heaven, or on earth. The Cross bore the Death sentence of mankind, and places it squarely on El-Satan and his fallen angles. The Cross shuts down wicked genealogies, Fake-leaders, and Religions.
  "I can do all things t h r o u g h  Christ Jesus": Run it by Christ or the Cross and see if it comes out the other side? The Temple-system run by Fakes, is over. Our Lord will never, ever occupy a man-made Temple-ever again. Buildings are Not the Church.
  Israel is a People-not a place. Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel fathered 12 sons, between two wives and handmaidens. The 12 are mention in Genesis, Chronicles, etc.. Knowing the Truth = freedom.
  Many things including blood Ordinances were nailed to the Cross; this means the Ultimate Sacrifice-once, for all time. Why is this blog info important? The table is set-up for the Fake-Christ who will be convincing for those that refuse/deny the love of the Truth, and would rather believe a lie.
  The Cross represents a curse and the Death sentence from the Garden. Death was defeated on the Cross, and any duplication is of the Wicked One. The precious blood, shed for many, is Deliverance, period.


  1. Our LORD's plan of salvation goes through - the Cross of Christ. Their is Not a plan "B". Anyone selling another plan of Salvation, is a Thief.

  2. "Christ Crucified" explains what happen on the Cross, why it happen, and Who the persecutors were: this is very important!