Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Plan!

  This is the time of year when all should re-read the Hebrews exit from Egypt: The Passover is established and is to be explained to the next generations-forever. The Solar Equinox for 2014 will be March 20th. at sundown.
  Our LORD's plan, is the only plan. HIS promises, are the only promises. HIS results, are Righteous.
The LORD promised Moses in Ex. 3:21,22 that deliverance would happen-and they were coming out with wealth.
Timing is everything: the LORD set the stage that the king and the people all of a sudden, required all of the Hebrews to leave Egypt.
  Results: The people simply asked, and received Gold, and Silver[real money]. In one day, the Hebrews went from poor slaves, to wealthy free people.
  The man Adam was a farmer: We must look at situations from a farmer's perspective. Noah was told "seed-time-harvest". The Spring Equinox is the "new year" and a time of planting. Wisdom comes from our LORD-look to Him for The Plan.


  1. Why wealth? We are to provide for others. World-wide the fractional-banking-system is failing. Credit will soon dry up. The prices will triple.
    The wealth of the wicked is stored .... A transfer is required in "time" for those not able to "buy or sell" because of the Babel-system. Provisions are a great ministry tool, that will Save many.

  2. Our Lord promised to have the "Fake-Ones worship at our feet". For those that know the Truth, let it begin now; just as in Ex.3:21,22. Ex.11:2. Ex.12:35. The LORD has always provided for His own.