Friday, March 28, 2014

" This Rock " .

  Christ Jesus ask His disciples a question that was answered incorrectly. He then as a very specific question that was answered correctly by Peter; for unknown reasons, it is false to teach that the church of Christ Jesus, is built - upon Peter[Matt.16:13-18].
  "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living GOD." This is the correct answer, and the Rock that Christ built upon. "Blessed[happy] art thou Simon Bar-Jonah", because this came via Revelation. Then the name change to Peter-Gr.- Petros = Rock.
  One must have a Revelation from the Holy Spirit to know Who Christ Jesus is: Then one must  have Confession or Profess this Revelation[1Tim.6:12,13] to be a WITNESS. Those that know the Truth are called to the world platform to be Witnesses for our LORD.
  The Stone rejected, has now become the Chief Corner-stone. The Stone not made with hands[Daniel2:45] will destroy the One-world-System; forever. The solid Rock that we are admonished to build ourselves on - because the storms, will come.
  This ROCK is Christ Jesus: The One whom spoke everything that is-into existence. The Tree of Life. The Burning Bush, Fourth Man in the fire, the Great I AM[YHVH]. Build on Him-all else will sink collapse, or burn.

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