Monday, April 14, 2014

" Abraham "

  This Abraham, is of Genesis 11, a descendant of Shem[Eber/Hebrew]. Terah his father: and Abraham = father of the multitude-fathered Isaac. Isaac's mother was Sarah = princess. She was the mother of ONE nation: Isaac, Jacob, and the 12 Tribes.
  This Abraham was a great man, because he had faith[Heb.11:8-10]. When GOD spoke to him, he moved, he acted, he believed. This separates this Abraham, from cling-on. Abraham recognized Melchizedek as Christ Jesus, and honored HIM accordingly-he paid a tithes for all his descendants; I'm "grafted" in.
  The Word states that this Abraham was quite wealthy. He and Sarah were fathered by the same man-different mothers. When ignorance calls Abraham a wimp and a liar - the LIGHT say that he is neither. Actually to be pro-LIGHT, is not anti-anything.
  In John 8:33-44 we have Tares[Matt.13:38] attempting to convince Christ that they, are descendants of Abraham-and were busted. Always look at the "works" or the "fruit". Descendants Love, Honor, and Respect Christ; and certainly murder should not be on the priority list for the day.
  Our LORD promised to make Abraham a great nation, and through him, others would be blessed.


  1. Abraham of the Bible is connected to "blood covenants" that are powerful for those that are aware and apply: the enemy's counter? Religion. Remember is a key, because covenants last forever-as long as the parties remember. That is why we are admonished to teach our children...

  2. The King James is very specific about which nations Abraham fathered. The deceivers publish 'New Books', T.V. programs, and Religious movies. Non-Believers say that they Old Testament is old-that to keep people ignorant. "No longer under the law"? Specifically, which law is that? Ignorance = bondage.

  3. We are called into the LIGHT, to be Pro-LIGHT. This doesn't equate to being Anti-darkness; just Pro-LIGHT. Christ Jesus offered Discipleship to the descendant's of Cain[Jn.8:31-33]: they are convinced that they have never been in bondage. Abraham, a great man of Faith. Matt.22:32 "I AM the GOD of Abraham".