Monday, April 28, 2014

"Flood "

  Our LORD utilized a flood to cover the entire earth, to close out the First-Earth-Age: the Second-Earth-Age picks up in Gen.1:3. Our LORD employed a flood to destroy giants during [Gen.6] Noah's time-this was regional specific.
  Our Enemy, the Fake-One will attempt to copy the Original; his Children on the earth today seek to "kill, steal, or destroy". The Cain doctrine is to Control or Destroy. This is their generation. The Flood that they employ is a Flood of Lies[Rev.12:15].
  During this time, America, and the world is witnessing the application of this Flood. All Central Planners can do is lie; cross them and the Flood-gate is open, to destroy[silence] the target. We seen this concerning people attempting to serve as leaders-play politics or be quiet.
  Another example is the Sports Channel turning on a N.B.A. owner: A private matter gone public. Freedom of speech is racism-depending on who says it! Employing the plant word "allegedly" doesn't exempt Christian Principles.
  The media is complicit with lies. People with itchy ears, become the water-boys for the wicked. The time is that people would rather be a part of Tabloid and hear a lie Vs. the truth. Is.59:19 - we are the Standard, and Ephes. 6:11 states we are to "stand against the wiles of the Devil". 


  1. Watchmen know not to get distracted by chaos. Loving our LORD with all of our mind, and soul, means staying focused; straying is a sin. "Allegedly" is a lack of Wisdom, and Judgment. The Flood of lies is not our friend; the spirits employing this tactic is an adversary, foe, enemy, oppressor.

  2. The "Flood" system has been applied to the Clippers owner-and it is being witnessed by the world. The inside-players are necessary idiots of extortion. Freedom of speech is Flooded out with lies. This system is actively being applied to Christians. Accusers should remember this when they come for their private property.