Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hebrew Passover 2014.

  The Hebrew Passover 2014 begin preparation at sundown of the Solar Equinox. This is the beginning of a "New Year". Exodus 12 in the King James gives detail instructions on keeping the Passover and Feast.
  Anyone seeking a relationship with the LORD, must follow His instructions, not the "Traditions of Men". The Blood of the lamb was a symbol for the Blood of Christ: which stayed the hand of the Death Angel. All blood sacrifices were nailed to the Cross - with Christ.
  Christ crucified, must be the only message. It answered why He died; who crucified Christ; and He, and His Kingdom is alive today. I can do all things through Christ, means run it by Christ. Run it through the Cross first.
  Idols don't make it through the cross. Religions including Judaism, Catholicism, nor Islam, will make it through. Neither will the Star, or the Bunny Rabbit, or Google.
  The Hebrew Passover represents the time of planting, and casting down that which is wicked. Speak life, and when appropriate crop failure on some seed of deception that we mistakenly have sown. Speak life into ourselves and those connected to us. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Sundown 4/2/14!


  1. The Hebrews are descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel = who birth the 12 Tribes. Abraham the "Father of many nations": the key is Sarah who birthed Isaac... The "Key of David" locks in the Line, that no man can unlock.

  2. The LORD promised Moses that the People would come out of the House of Bondage with great wealth. Ex.11 shows the People simply ask, and received the great wealth. The wealth of the wicked is in storage, awaiting transfer, right now.

  3. One for the road: King David was of the Tribe of Judah - its symbol - a Lion!
    Anything or anyone that comes between us and our LORD, is an Idol.
    Christ Jesus is the Head-Stone period.