Friday, April 25, 2014

Not talking!

  What is not being talked about, is speaking volumes. T.P. had a hit song in the 70s called "Turn off the lights"; my opinion- lets not! The greatest History Book ever written, shows in details, what's ahead.
  One nation today that is referred to as a Bear. Dan.7:5 "Like a Bear" It raised itself up[Atheism], and it had three ribs in it's mouth. "Arise, and devour much flesh." This Bear has exerted much destruction throughout Persia[Iran], Asia Minor[Turkey], and Babylon[Iraq].
  The Bear was apart of the Allies of WW2 and sitting at the table in Britton Woods, N.H. in 1944. They signed off on the Federal Reserve Notes being employed as the world currency. They realized that this tactic could spread Socialism quicker than war.
  The Bear has grown restless and is once again on the move. It is a part of a B.R.I.C.S. alliance - that doesn't include the U.S. Dan.2 the Iron and Clay feet are fragile. The Iron Curtain has history. Lydia was once Iron age kingdom of Western Asia Minor.
  The Russian Bear is on the move. When bad currency fails[all do] is usually involving war! When the world economies tank, their wicked answer is war. What is not being talked about-is screaming loudly.


  1. The Hornet nest of the Middle East has been stirred for years by the Bear. Their war machine was primarily metal, and rusted over the past 25 years, but is know getting re-started. Global-elite see this as a bump in the road towards a One-World-Political-System. The leaders of the Bear are Atheist.

  2. Daniel 2 shows that the Iron and Miry-Clay will not mix: This is the Saints of the Most High, and Atheism. This is a great time to WITNESS!