Saturday, April 19, 2014


  Or LORD explained in detail to Cain and Able, how to present their Offering unto Him. By faith, Able got it correct, and his Offering was accepted. Cain lack faith, and did what he wanted to do-and "Cain and his offering, He had no respect."
  During this time of year, there is a feeling of loneliness and sadness for the followers of Cain and his Man-made-Religions. The Egg and Bunny Rabbit are of Idolatry-Ishtar: the sex goddess of fertility.
  Rev.13 has Two Beast: the first is a one-world-political-system. The second is a one-world-religious-system. A mile-marker in 2014, is to look closely at how both systems have taken over the churches. Rev.13:3 the "deadly wound" is under-way right now: the sad part is-"and all the world wondered after the Beast[System]."
  Cain's offering was a Man-made-Religion, just like the Eggs  and the Bunny: it is rejected. We must follow the Manufacturer's instructions if we are to be accepted. The sick part is people following Religion that is worshipping the Fake-One.
  The Offering is a Sacrifice unto the LORD[YHVH]. When Abel's Offering was accepted-it was consumed by fire. Observe closely, and see where your offering/sacrifice goes?


  1. GOD conversing with the women by the well, and the destruction of the Temple, effectively cuts out the "middle-men". The m. m. in any town are living high on the backs of the "uninformed." The m. m. have essentially, become gods.

  2. It is all fun and games-until someone gets hurt. People are getting hurt around the world. The world[chaos] is in serious trouble. Idolatry always, always lead to destruction: look around! Iniquity at the hands of wicked leaders.

  3. The Answer? Christ Jesus, is the ANSWER. Repentance and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth. The Holy Spirit, is standing by, on the earth right now. We can not be in the Kingdom and conforming to the chaos, at the same time.