Wednesday, April 23, 2014


  This past week[4/19/14] their was a video on TWC showing a meteor streaming across the sky in Russia, then exploding over the city of Murmansk. This is interesting for two reasons: the MSM didn't mention the meteor. This is the second one exploding over Russian[2/15/13] in less than 15 months.
  Gen.1:14-16 we see that our LORD created the lights, and the firmament: "and let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years". Saturn, which is #6[Satan's] is known as the Red planet has been quite active recently, according to NASA. This is a Sign.
  Why Russia? Much prophecy has been given concerning this Nation, going back to Isaac and Rebekah[Gen.25:10]; who birthed twins - Esau; red and hairy: and Jacob. Esau was cursed for giving up his birth-right[heritage] in the first earth age, as well as in dealing with his brother in this earth age.
  Esau is the beginning/father of the Edom,[Gen.36]Edomites. They stirred up much trouble in the East, and Middle East for thousands of yrs. and the Book of Obadiah deals with the prophecy.


  1. The children of Esau/Edom are leaders in Russia today; they continue to deny their heritage and are actually Atheist. They have supported war and un-rest in the Middle-East and will attempt to destroy the Middle-East, and America. When they cut across Alaska-serious trouble awaits them.

  2. There are Christians in Russia today: The LORD has chosen the nation as an example to the entire earth. Hopefully in the midst, many other nations will accept Christ as LORD and Savior. The Grace time period is coming to an end.

  3. Russia in the news? Prophecy is accurate, real, and true. Rebekah and Isaac birthed Two Nations: This is America and Russia. Struggle in the womb, and in the physical on earth. There are more of each descendants living in these Two nations, than any place on earth!