Monday, April 7, 2014

What Lie?

  2Thes.2:11 "Believe a Lie" is singular. There are many little lies, that are based off of one BIG lie. Those that would rather believe a lie, vs. the love of the Truth, are in trouble; serious trouble. The little lies all around us, everyday, is based on the Big lie.
  Rom.1:21 Glorified HIM not as GOD, neither were they Thankful. This is the world, under the leadership of Cain's children = Kenites. Everything that the world is doing is a lie. Ex: __ are God's chosen race of people. The Pink organization wants to cure cancer. The Rapture[capture] doctrine. Christ Jesus ethnicity.
  Over the past 30 days we have been diverted by news reports of a missing airline: The little lie that is repeated often enough is the "Black-Box" that we know is bright orange, for good reason. A lie will travel fast and hard, and oftentimes difficult to stop. Revelation refers to a "Flood", which is a flood of lies.
  Global-Warming is a lie; and Idolatry. It is a Religion. A result of "vain imaginations". This lie has been repeated so often, that many find it easier to go along with vs. standing up to it.
  "They changed the the Truth of GOD into a lie and worshipped and served the creature..." This is the reason[idolatry] GOD gave them up unto Vile Affections. The world is a Lie!


  1. Christ told the Children of Cain that they were of their father-the Devil. Their character is like their father-a lie and a murderer. Satan lied in the Garden; He lied during the temptation Christ. He is a Scripture lawyer that has a history of slightly twisting the truth, into a lie. What lie? It is all, a lie.

  2. The Pink Cancer organization-all should search the founder, and what exactly is being done with the millions being generated. So much; not interested in a cure. Much goes to anti-American causes.

  3. Rapture: Not in the Word-only in New Bibles that are copy righted. The "R" = Religion. This word is close to Capture = to take prisoner or gain control over: an act of catching: by force or guile. This is Satan's domain. Daniel 8 states that Satan[Fake-Christ] will "destroy wonderfully". He will be the Head of the one-world-religion.

  4. God's chosen Race? 0. Our LORD utilized the Hebrews to bring fourth Immanuel: They have been scattered around the globe-the majority of them do not have a clue of their Ethnicity. The Chosen ones are GOD's Election-there are approximately 7,000 on the earth at all times over the past 2,000 yrs.