Wednesday, April 9, 2014

" Wilt thou be made Whole? "

  It is sad that Christ Jesus would have to ask this question; it was sad then, and sad now. The wicked system desires to control our healing, peace, and when we worship. Jn. 5 shows us up close and personal how the Tares work.
  This gentleman was infirm for 38 yrs.. We can fill in the  ___ with our personal, or family members illness/disease. If asked "Wilt thou be made Whole", and we had to think about it - means something is not right. Maybe the system didn't heal us, or give us permission to be healed. What about benefits from Santa-Christ: will they be cut?
  Is this healing in question, regulated, or taxed?? Work out the details before answering. Jn. states that Christ healed[whole] the infirm and ordered him to "Take up his bed and walk". All the Tares[Matt.13:38] could say is "It is the Sabbath day: It is not lawful for the to carry thy bed."
  Bondage is the playground of the wicked. Sabbath is a day of rest-and they demand to control that. They are not the least bit concerned with healing. Christ violated their Tradition-resulting in a Death Penalty. The Sabbath violation would do, but they were ticked at the infirm for his testimony.
  What testimony? Christ made the man Whole; Now he was walking around with his bed! The LORD is not done; "Wilt thou be made Whole" ?


  1. Christ Crucified begs the question that must be answered: Who crucified Him, for what reason, and what We won on the Cross??? Christ identified the Enemy, and his kids-they are present today, and this is their season. We must be bold enough to know that we too can be healed and not tolerate the system of Tares, nor diseases.

  2. Far too many brothers and sisters are physically ill because of the polluted, constipated mind: We have been admonished on what to meditate on-but refuse. As we go "through", we must put aside stinking thoughts, including hatred. Our walk, talk and mind, must all line up. Also, stop claiming diseases as "MY" ___.